United Kingdom

According to the British local pet access plan (currently under trial), whether cats or cats immigrate to the UK or dogs immigrate to the UK, as long as they meet the conditions established by the authorities, pets entering the UK from a series of countries or regions through specific ports are considered legal. As for animals from these types of countries or ports, all animals entering the UK must undergo a six-month quarantine procedure at designated places, and this requirement will be strictly enforced by the authorities. Therefore, animals illegally entering the UK will be slaughtered in by with the law, and this provision is also valid in the Channel Islands.

The British government and authorities have been systematically conducting risk assessments for foreign pets entering the UK without inspection. The progress and results of this work will be notified to the public in a timely manner. If you interest in knowing more about the latest regulations and requirements for pet immigration in the UK, you can find it on the official website of the UK Department of Pets Entry and Exit: UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs www.defra.gov.uk

According to the current regulations, pets entering the UK will be divided into two categories according to the entry area. The first category includes the European Union and countries or regions that have controlled rabies (including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region). The prerequisite is that pets must stay in these countries or regions for 6 years. Months. The other category is countries or regions that have not fully controlled rabies, including China. Understandably, if pets enter the UK from China, there are two ways: directly entering the country from mainland China or transferring from Hong Kong to the UK.

Pet immigration UK procedures:

Pay attention to the procedures and requirements of air transport for dogs or cats immigrating to the UK from Hong Kong:
1. Inject the chip.
2. Pets will be vaccinated against rabies at three months of age.
3. The pet will have blood drawn at four months old.
4. Calculate from the date of blood draw, wait 180 days for departure.
5. 7 days before departure, complete animal health certificates and deworming.
6. For air consignment services, the British authorities require pets to enter the UK through approved airlines, confirmed routes and ports of entry. According to the UK’s new policy on October 1, 2010, for all pets imported from a third country (country outside the EU), the entry airport must be London Heathrow or London Gatwick Airport (London Gatwick Airport). Twick Airport). You do not need to be quarantined after arrival, you can pick up your pets and go home.

Note that the UK does not accept imported pet breeds:

Hong Kong dogs immigrate to the UK, and the following dog breeds cannot be mixed:

    • Brazilian Fila
    • Dogo Argentino
    • Japanese Tosa Inu
    • American Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier

Cost of pet immigration to the UK:

The budget of Dog Express’s professional pet immigration agency fees for UK procedures ranges from $6,500 to $14,000. The company’s final cost depends on the case. Pet owners can directly call 3612 9341 or email [email protected] to ask about more UK pet immigration requirements and matters needing attention from our consultant team.