Successful Cases of Pet Immigration

Pet Immigration Case (Hong Kong-Tokyo, Cat)


Voice of the owner: David


Pet life is a must for pet travel.
From registration, arranging injections to flying to the destination, all one-stop services, only need to provide information, you can travel with your pet at ease.
One of the staff, Diana, is very enthusiastic, and will be very enthusiastic to answer any questions, and is also very kind to help customers deal with all aspects of their problems.
If you will take part in the pet tour again, you will definitely buy pet life again.

Pet Immigration Cases (Hong Kong-Indonesia, 3 poodle dogs and 3 squirrel dogs)


Voice of the host: Mr. Deng and Mrs. Deng


To: Life Travel
Our 6 little bosses are now happily enjoying the invincible weather in Bali. Although it is hot but not humid, there are enough places to run, there are low-charge but professional veterinary clinics that provide vaccination, medicine and health care. Retirement life with sunshine and beach… Haha!
Before September of last year, they were still living in Hong Kong. Due to care problems, my wife and I decided to send them to Bali, Indonesia, so that we could spend more time with them and cooking. In mid-March, we searched for information on pet immigration on the Internet. Provided on the webpage. Fortunately, I contacted Life Travel Pet Immigration Consulting Company, and made an appointment for Miss Diana to meet and discuss at the Tsim Sha Tsui office; Diana, who has extensive experience, provided all relevant information in great detail, and the professional explanation was given to us at that time. Relieve, cut the worry and pressure brought by the procedures. After discussion, we decided to entrust Life Travel to handle and arrange related procedures. Diana has arranged a timetable, and we are also happy to cooperate, such as bringing them for physical examination, vaccinations, special chips, replacement of dog tags, etc. During the period, Diana and other colleagues are very careful to answer questions, and all procedures will be completed in half a year , And arranged for our whole family to set off in early September. Early that morning, several private cars were carrying a group of responsible Life Travel teams. Among them, the caring Miss Tina started packing necessities, comforting the little bosses, and carrying luggage on the car and handing in. Collect the required documents; Tina’s careful and dedicated performance relieved the pressure on my wife and me. When driving to the airport, everyone was sweating, thank you!
When I arrived at the airport, the noisy barking kept passing by. It was strange that the airline ground crew and the pedestrians passing by did not show annoyance. Instead, their eyes were wide and comforting. Haha, I arrogantly told my wife, maybe They thought that these little bosses were very happy, and an ethical and responsible owner took them to settle elsewhere; of course, the professional team of Life Travel was not affected by their noise to handle the boarding procedures, and quickly completed and arranged arrangements. We transported them into the aircraft cabin. At this time, my wife and I were a little relieved, and sincerely said to Tina and the team, “No, please, thank you, thank you…” Then we said goodbye to everyone in the departure hall. Boarding! A few hours later, we arrived in Jakarta; the local pet reception staff contacted by Life Travel has transported the little bosses from the plane to the baggage claim area via a special passage, waiting for us to gather all the required documents, and then go to the department to handle the exit Procedure; after claiming the luggage and waiting for a while, the receptionist will take our entire family to the nearby entrance pet isolation center by the arranged car. The center is not luxurious, but it is very clean and well-organized. There is someone to take care of the small bosses food , And said that they can leave after the quarantine certificate is issued for two nights; after two nights, we received a notice to pick them up, and then we chartered a car from Jakarta and drove for 36 hours to Bali. Seeing that they adapt to the environment soon after arriving, and happily run and jump every day. My wife and I are very kind! At this point, the entire pet immigration process has come to an end. I am very grateful to Diana, Tina and related teams of Life Travel. Although the fees have reached a professional level, the service attitude is indeed adequate and trustworthy!
Six little boss owners
Mr. Deng and Mrs. Deng