3 ways to transport pets from Hong Kong to the world

1)Cargo form

The advantage of this transportation method is that the price is economical and it is easy to book by yourself.

The weak point is that it is not very safe, because the pets are transported by human hands and too many steps. The first step is when the pets are transported by hand at the freight station, and the pets are placed on the ground from the truck. And when boarding the plane, it is on the ground There are often many kinds of goods. If there is no obvious famous pet on the outside of the package, there is a high chance that due to human negligence, the pet will be sent to the warehouse together. In addition, when the weather is hot on the ground, many pets will Expose on the tarmac. Finally, pets park very close to the plane engine and make noisy noises without interruption, so this transportation method is not suitable for all pets.

Because of the above reasons, the cost of pet transportation will of course be cheaper than other methods. However, please note that some countries around the world require that any pet be transported by freight to the local area. If you need to use freight for pet transportation, the pet owner must find a reliable pet The transportation company arranges, it is best to choose a licensed travel agency, because they can communicate directly with the airline, and can also track the delivery process with the airline as soon as possible.

2) Pet constant temperature warehouse

This method is very safe and reliable.During the journey, the pet will usually take the same plane with the owner, but the owner will be in the cabin, and the pet will be in the thermostat.

Since the owner is able to bring the pet to the airport by himself and then transport it to the plane, it is not necessary to deliver the pet to the airport staff six hours in advance like a cargo, and the pet will also be arranged to board the plane in the shortest time. . Because there will be guests on the flight on your own plane, it usually takes less than one hour for pets to be transported to the aircraft, and pets will not wait too long on the tarmac. In addition, neither Just like the situation of cargo loading on a freight plane, there are many of forests of cargo on the tarmac at the same time, which causes manual errors or accidents.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of this method is that it is very difficult for the pet owner to book by himself, because the procedure must find a pet transportation company to arrange for it. Of course, if there is a real need, in any case, we recommend the best I was looking for a licensed travel agency to book seats for me, but note that the cost of this pet delivery method will be higher than the price of freight.

3) Pet private jet

This pet transportation method is the best, because the owner can take the same plane directly to the destination during the process, and during the transportation process, the owner personally transports the pet to the plane, and there will be no negligence by outsiders.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that the cost of pet transportation will be relatively high. The reason is that there are not very popular private jets in Hong Kong that can offer the pet owners with one person, one dog, or one person, one cat mode and price to transport pets. Private jet journeys are generally arranged. The entire charter flight is charged. Generally speaking, if you need to pack a private jet, the price will be determined by time. In a simple case, if you need to pack a private jet to reach Taiwan, it does not include ground agents, staff, and flight attendants , Captain, fuel costs, etc., have already cost about HK$400,000, which is not affordable for ordinary people, so pet transportation costs have become very expensive.

In order to enable Hong Kong pets to travel abroad on the same plane and cabin as their owners, in 2018, our company has successfully launched a private jet with pets or settled in foreign countries. It is true that one person, one dog, or one person, one cat is used to fairly contract the cost of an aircraft. This will allow customers to share the cost of chartering an airplane at a more economical price. But pay attention to the disadvantages of pet private jets, that is, they have to depart according to the time of our travel agency. And baggage will also be restricted, generally Can not exceed the total luggage weight of 8 – 15 kg. However, although the price of private jet pet transportation is higher than that of passenger sports goods, it is still very popular in Hong Kong. After all, pets are always the owner’s darling.