Pet Passport

Pet passports are generally the same documents as people need to enter the country when entering the country. All documents entering other countries will include veterinary injections, blood draws, and pet physical examinations. The meaning of the name of dog care is the certificate after veterinary inspection, and it is necessary to cooperate with all the veterinary documents required for the dog passport to enter the country. In fact, it is basically all the animal quarantine certificates inspected by the veterinarian. In Hong Kong, our travel agency is referred to as the pet passport. Generally, the application for a dog passport involves vaccinations, blood draws, and physical fitness. Check etc.

We will proceed in accordance with the regulations of the country. Generally, it takes three to nine months to prepare for moving to a foreign country or traveling with pets. Especially the EU pet passport is easier to prepare because the requirements of EU countries are not high. Moreover, in EU countries, they all regard pets as life-long companions of humans, so the general injections and physical examinations in Hong Kong are already eligible for EU pet passports.

On the contrary, it is very difficult for some countries to apply for a pet passport, for example: New Zealand, Australia, Japan, these countries have never had rabies, they want to protect their country from rabies, so when applying for a dog passport, It is specifically required that in addition to injecting vaccines, each pet needs to draw blood before entering the country, and send the blood to their designated laboratory to obtain a blood test mad dog antibody report. Often many pet owners make mistakes in this step, causing them My dog’s passport application failed. The reason is very simple. When many owners are drawing blood, they don’t have the professional knowledge to know that their pet’s blood contains antibody index, so they draw blood directly, and send the blood bottles used to draw blood. There are many problems in the delivery process. The most common mistake is that the laboratory sent is not a laboratory designated by the country. Therefore, especially when traveling to Japan, Australia, Europe, or moving to a foreign country, you must hand it over to a professional pet travel agency Or the veterinary clinic will do it for you, otherwise dogs, cats and cats will suffer. When the blood mad dog antibody report is unqualified, they need to wait for the next injection and blood draw. The gain is not worth the loss.

Recently, we have also found that after Brexit, the United Kingdom has very strict specifications for the British pet passport, and all pets must be shipped in the form of freight to apply for a British pet passport. After arriving in the United Kingdom, it is also necessary to find a customs clearance company designated by the British government Customs clearance, this is after the recent Brexit, we found that pets applying for a British pet passport are very complicated. They also need to send a lot of documents before departure, and the documents required for these dog passports must be filled out by professional veterinarians.

It’s a pity that Hong Kong veterinarians generally don’t know how to fill in the specifications. In many cases, they only learn that the documents are wrong one week before departure. When they are handed over to the British Animal Quarantine, they refuse to enter the pet. When entering the country, there are only ten days before leaving the country. Often the owner has already booked a ticket. It is a waste of money and time. Therefore, if you want to apply for a British pet passport, you must submit it to a professional travel agency or veterinary clinic.

According to the above mentioned dog passport, it is necessary to find some experienced travel agencies. Of course, it is best to go to a licensed travel agency to do it, because the dog ticket or passport can be one-stop service..

After all, pets have only moved to another place once. Don’t fill in the documents yourself and arrange the airlines to transport the pets because you want to control costs. This is definitely not worth the loss.