Arranging pet immigration can be very simple!

First, choose a one-stop pet immigration company. Dog Express’s professional pet immigration consultants will design an immigration plan for you and your dog! Now in addition to choosing the method of taking a civil aircraft, you can also choose to take a private jet and the dog in the same cabin, allowing you to go with your dog on the flight, and the journey will be unforgettable! It is also very safe.

Generally, pet immigration needs to prepare 275 days before departure, and different countries have different requirements for pet import and export ways and application documents. In view of this, Dog Express provides one-stop service for the host, including veterinary inspection and planting. Entering qualified chips, vaccinating rabies, blood tests, submitting all entry and exit documents, pet ticket arrangements, preparation before boarding, point-to-point transfers, scheduled pet owners customs clearance, etc… Guests do not need to worry about travel arrangements. Enjoy the joy of reunion with your pet.

Dog and cat immigration consulting service

Original price: $2,598     Dog Express Promotional price: $1,688

Whether it is dog immigration or cat immigration pet immigration consulting service, the first step is planning a trip. You will bring your pet to meet with a professional consultant and veterinarian for about 45 minutes. The veterinarian assesses the pet’s personality and physical function, scientifically analyzes whether the pet is suitable for the immigration process, and explains that the pet immigration is best 275 days before departure. The required inspections and procedures are required for preparation. Allows you to choose the most suitable plan for preparing pets before immigration, and make full preparations for peace of mind dog immigration or cat immigration ways.

Immigrate pets by private jet, and enjoy the journey of the rich with your pet, unforgettable for a lifetime!

Pets immigrating to Hong Kong by private jet is no longer the exclusive of the rich! Dog Express specially arranges for customers to take private jets to immigrate on designated days in small groups, breaking through the restrictions of civil airliners, and allowing owners and dogs to travel in the same cabin. The owner is also with the dog/cat from the beginning of the check-in procedure to the landing. The customs also set up a special office at the boarding gate to handle the exit formalities for guests, which is convenient, fast and comfortable!

Advantages of private jets:

    • Guests take a civil airliner. Although the dog/cat and the owner are on the same flight, the dog is separated from the owner during the flight. When arriving by plane in some countries, guests have to wait more than 8 hours, plus a full half-day for the flight to leave the airport, and go through the departure formalities for dogs/cats. This deterred countless dog lovers.
    • On a private jet, the owner and the dog/cat are in the same cabin. Guests only need to go through the exit formalities with the dog/cat 1 hour before boarding.
    • The private jet has luxurious and comfortable facilities. Except for the dogs/cats who need to enter the airplane pet box to rest during the flight time, the dogs/cats can freely move around with their owners at other times.
    • Private jets provide guests with high-level meals, as well as taking care of dogs/cats’ diet and urination and defecation. The care is extremely thoughtful.

Pay attention to the restrictions of private jets:

    • Although the dog/cat can sit next to the owner, for the safety reasons of the Civil Aviation Administration, the owner needs to buckle the dog/cat all the way.
    • Dogs/cats need to be gentle and pure in character. If the weight is more than 30 kg, our pet immigration company stipulates that the owner must purchase an extra private plane.
    • Each passenger can carry hand luggage no more than 8 kg.

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