What you need to know before moving with your pet


So far, there are still many people who don’t know about the entry and exit of pets and need to arrange documents and veterinary inspections. In fact, when you start planning to leave the country with pets, you must understand the rules of animal import in the country you are arriving, because there are many countries pets Entrance must go through complicated procedures. In some countries, because there is no case of rabies in the past, pets must be quarantined at least 210 days in advance, otherwise they will not be able to enter the country smoothly. In Hong Kong, all pets exiting the country will not be subject to the fishery and protection department The mechanism is restricted, so the owner should understand the relevant pet entry and exit quarantine regulations of the country you are arriving before leaving the country, and then follow the relevant steps one by one after digestion.


With the humanization of pets all over the world, pets have become good friends and go with them on travel. In view of this, our company has long-term partners in 2019, the veterinary clinic “vet01 One Pet Veterinary Center” and “PPAMC New Territories Animals” The “Medical Center” solves the troubles of entry and exit quarantine procedures for pet owners in Hong Kong, and prevents pets from arriving in the local area and need to be isolated due to file errors.


The global pet entry and exit quarantine is generally divided into four country groups:

First country group

Second country group

Third country group

Fourth country group


For details, please refer to the website of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department-Pet Entry and Exit Animal Quarantine. Pet owners need to know clearly the areas in the above four country groups, the required procedures, pre-preparation, pet entry and exit timeline, pet entry and exit quarantine steps and many more.


Note: The following procedures are required for the first to fourth country group procedures, and preparations must be made 210 days before the pets enter the country, including:

1)The veterinarian checks whether the cardiopulmonary function is suitable for taking a civil aircraft

2)Pets injected with international chips

3)The country needs information for pet vaccination

4)Take blood samples to test for mad dog antibodies

5)Physical examination for pets 7 to 10 days before departure

6)Before leaving the country for quarantine, the veterinarian must issue a document to the Fisheries and Conservation Department for endorsement, and then send it to the animal quarantine office of the country where the pet enters the country.


For detailed requirements for each country, please refer to the respective immigration country pages of this website.