Hugo brother’s partner

1) Vet01 Veterinary Clinic
• There is a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the clinic
• Provided to our customers who have Zhang Yao’s pet immigrating to foreign countries. This is a place that can decide whether the pet can adapt to the preferential cabin content, simulate the feeling in the cabin of the plane, and reduce any accidents in the cabin caused by pet travel

2) New Territories Animal Medical Center
• This is suitable for in-depth evaluation of pets with elderly and human diseases before moving overseas. The physical examination includes CT tomography, cardiac ultrasound, and correct cardiac structure examination and assessment for pets traveling and dogs and cats moving overseas to make sure safety

3) Bouncy Animal Clinic
• Mainly provide on-site veterinary quarantine services for our customers, so that customers can conduct a full set of animal quarantine for pets without leaving home

• Hong Kong One Pet Hospital
• Provide on-site special pet sitter service
• Since many owners have left Hong Kong for their pets when they move overseas, and pay pets in our pet hotel, we will also arrange a one-stop pet sitter to take care of them and assist in boarding services when moving overseas
• Provide licensed dog trainers to adapt to dog aircraft cage training services
• It will make the pet more adaptable to being alone in a claustrophobic situation when taking the plane, without any sense of fear, making the pet feel at ease to arrive at the owner by plane