Owners who intend to apply for Malaysia pet immigration in Hong Kong, please note that whether it is a cat or a dog immigrating to Malaysia, the pet owner needs to apply for a valid entry permit for the animal. Moreover, after arriving in the local area, they need to be quarantined for 7 days, but the local department does not need a pet serum test.

Cats and dogs must go through the following procedures to immigrate to Malaysia:

According to the latest regulations, pet owners are required to make the following arrangements:

    1. Rabies vaccine and chip implantation for pets, rabies vaccine is required to be valid for 30 – 365 days.
    2. Do physical examination for pets and apply for health certificate: physical examination can be done 21 days after injection of rabies vaccine, and consignment can be done after 30 days.
    3. Entry Permit: Animals entering the country need to have a valid entry permit, which is issued by the director of the Malaysian Veterinary Service Center, or can be issued by the animal entry management department of each state.

Malaysia does not accept imported pet breeds:

Pay attention to the local regulations that cats and dogs should not be mixed with the following breeds:

    • Pit Bull
    • American Bulldog
    • Akita
    • Dogo Argentino
    • Fila Brasileiro
    • Neapolitan Mastiff
    • Tosa
    • 1st to 4th generation Bengal Cat
    • 1st to 4th generation Savannah Cat

Cost for pet immigration to Malaysia:

The general agency fee budget ranges from $5,000 to $12,000. For more details or procedures, please contact our company’s professional consultant team by calling 3612 9341 or email [email protected]