The quarantine system for dogs and cats entering Japan for pets is that after the pets have passed the serum test, the inspection department will perform clinical quarantine before the dogs and cats leave the country. After the quarantine results are qualified, the animal health certificate (the certificate format is attached) is issued to prove the pet The dog or cat has not found any clinical symptoms of infectious disease, and the quarantine certificate must also show the number of the chip implanted on the dog or cat.

Whether it is cats immigrating to Japan or dogs immigrating to Japan, the way of bringing your pets from Hong Kong to Japan is a more complicated matter. After reading this article in detail, I hope that all pet owners will understand the process and the matters needing attention. Have a basic understanding.

The following are the main ways and procedures for cats and dogs to immigrate to Japan:

1) It is necessary to install an electronic identity chip for pets for rabies vaccination. Japan has injected two vaccines, including rabies, at least one month apart.
2) Serum testing: According to the requirements of the Japanese authorities, pet serum samples can be collected at least 4 weeks after the second vaccine injection.
3) Handling air consignment: 180 days from the date of blood draw can be applied for entry, and there is no need to isolate after arrival.
Entry permit: Japan needs to have successfully applied for an entry permit to take off.

Cost of pet immigration to Japan:

General company agency price budget: $7,000 – $14,000. For detailed procedures and requirements for pet immigration to Japan, you can directly call 3612 9341 or email [email protected] to our Hong Kong consultant team.