Immigration company recommended by pet owners

Dog Express has been able to become a pet owner’s pet immigration company recommendation because we know that there are many companies in Hong Kong that help pets move overseas, but not every operator has a formal business registration to open a company, and some provide services in the form of family , The service quality is not guaranteed, and the risk of accidents during pet transportation is greatly increased. Because many companies are not very transparent, they only advertise cheap prices to attract customers, and customers do not understand the complexity of the entire pet transportation process and make the wrong choice.

How good is the pet immigration company?

Hong Kong customers must take safety and professional services as their primary consideration. When searching for an immigration consultant, the other party must meet the following conditions:

First: Has successfully assisted many of cats and dogs to reach their destinations
Second: They must have a travel agency license in order to protect the customer’s right to change the flight immediately if there is a document error, to prevent the customer from wasting money.
Third: They must have the autonomy to control the veterinarian to approve the animal quarantine documents on time, because the veterinarian’s filling of the documents will directly affect the entry time of the pet. The immigration process for cats or dogs is similar, but cats are only more complicated. Cats do not need to be injected with a mad dog in Hong Kong, but they must be injected with a mad dog when they immigrate to other places. Veterinarians often do not inject mad dog needles into cats, and immigration companies must have experience to tell the cat owners and veterinarians that it is necessary to inject mad dog needles into cats to enter immigration. When the immigration company can provide one-stop service, such as having its own veterinary clinic, it can greatly improve the treatment and follow-up of cats’ chances of responding to the mad dog injection. In the past, in some cases, because cats might become unwell after being injected with the mad dog shot, customers often spent a lot of money to follow-up. This is because inexperienced immigration consulting companies will not cover any follow-up veterinary expenses incurred during cat immigration procedures.

Therefore, pet owners in Hong Kong must find a one-stop immigration company, and we will clearly specify the price of the entire service in the immigration service, a one-time charge, and when the country changes any animal quarantine regulations, we will also guarantee that it will not Then charge any derivative veterinary fees. This is what pet owners need to pay attention to.