Dog Express – Pet travel and Immigration expert

• Hong Kong licensed travel agency (license number: 354093)
• The only travel agency license in Hong Kong that provides pets emigrating services
• The only veterinary clinic in Hong Kong that provides pet travel and immigration services
• Main business:

  • The only use of private jet to move overseas
  • The selected private jet is the only one in the world that modified to suit pet activities
  • Private jet routes: Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and Europe

Hugo’s pet travel and Immigration services

1) Air ticket of civil aircraft
Pet travel must choose the right airline to transport the pet, referred to as a pet ticket. Generally, pet air tickets have different prices based on the size and weight of the pet.

2) Dog Express Travel Package
In order to cope with the pet owner’s first pet travel, we can have a safe and secure holiday. Our consultants have also designed a specific itinerary to suggest a hotel to make the best choice for you who love pets.
Dog Express Travel Package
Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, Okinawa, and Kyushu
Package includes two civil airliners
Four nights for two persons and pets in the hotel
Itinerary for revisiting itinerary recommends restaurants to choose transportation and attractions where pets can visit
Air tickets for transporting pets to and from Japan, pets must not exceed 10kg
$45800 – $59800

3) Pet-related immigration services
Global veterinarians carry out pre-migrant quarantine services
The whole of Southeast Asia includes moving to Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, and Northern Europe

Travel agency one-stop service, customers can feel at ease and rest assured

• Pet travel clients must find an intermediary company that has the following capabilities to control and handle related ways: veterinary service standards, find relevant registered veterinarians to sign documents, have travel agency licenses, contact air tickets for pet transportation, etc.
• Pet quarantine takes a long time, and the intermediate ways are complicated. If you are not familiar with the ways and complicate the steps, problems or delays will occur, and the consequences will be serious. After all, moving to a foreign country is only one time, and there must be no mistakes. It is best for customers to choose a company with a one-stop service.
• Clear service is never tricky
• The pet travel ways provided by Hugo are detailed in the agent flow chart. Customers know the entire process and timeline after purchasing the service. For example, if there is a blood antibody test, if the pet fails the blood test procedure, Hugo will reschedule the blood test procedure No extra charge.
• Hugo has its own veterinary clinic, pet travel ways agency, if guests need to extend the service, additional injections and blood draw will never be charged due to court errors.
• Pet safety is a major prerequisite
• The only introduction of a high-pressure warehouse in Hong Kong for pets to use before moving to a foreign country
• The veterinarian will judge whether the cardiopulmonary function will be affected in any situation of the departure transportation
• The veterinarian can also arrange for pets to undergo a cat/dog hyperbaric oxygen chamber test. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is injected with high oxygen into the claustrophobic chamber to make the pet feel as if it were on an airplane. If the pet can adapt to the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, it can be confirmed that the pet can ride and can adapt to the air pressure of the plane, which will give the owner peace of mind.
• The service price is clear and no random charges

Customers who purchase pet travel or immigration procedures must go through a veterinarian for a physical examination before travel. If the veterinarian performs the first check and finds that the pet is not suitable for departure on a civil airliner, Hugo will only deduct HKD$1,688 The inspection fee and the rest will be refunded in full, and the one-stop service saves a lot of unnecessary costs in the middle.

• Hugo provides one-stop consulting services and has its own veterinary clinic. At the same time, the benefits of price concessions are also achieved, and the intermediary/company will not be charged extra service fees.
• When other companies encounter errors and omissions in the veterinary clinic’s documents, they need to charge extra, and finally invalidate the documents, which makes customers waste time and lose money. Hugo has a veterinary clinic, which can simplify all the complicated ways, saving time and worry.
• Hugo has a travel agency license, which is currently exclusive to Hong Kong. Get the latest information on the tourism industry and all airlines’ itineraries, and change the flight for customers to avoid delays. Hugo will not add any profit to the airline’s shipping fee, and the customer directly pays the fee to the airline.